My pregnancy must-haves
Pregnancy is such an incredibly special time. As a first time mum-to-be I had countless questions regarding a variety of topics, including what things are worth getting for this time. So I researched as much I could online, asked my friends about their experiences and my doctors about their recommendations. Based on this I put together my own list.


1. Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins

Eating a healthy diet is so important, especially during pregnancy. However, even with the healthiest diets it’s quite a challenge to get in all the needed nutrition, so it’s a good idea to take vitamins. Below you can find the list of the vitamins and minerals I’m taking. Although please always consult your doctor before starting them.

2. Pregnant safety bell for the car

Safety first! Even when my bump was barely visible, I only felt safe in the car with my BeSafe safety belt. Pregnant iZi FIX protects both the mum and the baby in the event of an accident and is recommended from the second month of pregnancy. The belt does not interfere with the safety performance of the car belt, but it helps to position it in a way that keeps the baby safe.

Get it here.

3. Creams and oils against stretch marks

I’ve been using two different brands alternately – Pai and Mama Mio -, both for the cream and the oil. So far, so good, but the bump is still very much growing, so I can only hope it stays that way. Many people are saying that stretch marks have more to do with genetics and skin type anyway, but making sure you’re skin is nourished can’t hurt! I use the creams in the morning and the oils at night before going to bed. (Actually, the latter is Pete’s job, but he takes it very seriously) 🙂

Get them here and here.

4. Belly support belt

The one thing I’m not leaving the house without! The Anita baby belt is a dream, I can only recommend it. It’s not only a great tool to prevent back pain from the increasing weight of the belly, but also eases pressure on your cervix. In the second trimester my doctor was worried about my cervix length being on the lower side of the limit, so wearing this when on my feet was one of the ways I tried to prevent it getting worse. I always have it on when I’m walking the dogs or when I’m on the way.

5. Pregnancy body pillow

To be completely honest in the last couple of weeks I stopped using my body pillow, as now my bump is so big that I feel like we need every free inch in the bed and this one takes up a lot of space. However, before that I slept with it regularly, as I read so many advantages of it. Sleeping on your left-side is recommended when pregnant and this pillow helps to support your belly in this position, as well as your back, hips and legs.

Get it here.

6. Book(s) about pregnancy and babies

Of course these days we can find every possible information on the internet, but that can’t be compared to actually diving into a book. In the What to Expect When You’re Expecting Book I found answers for basically all my questions regarding pregnancy and it’s also great for learning about the weekly development of the baby. Bringing Up Bébé was for me more about entertainment, than actual useful information, but that’s all right. What I found extremely useful is the Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer book which gives guidance on how to calm, connect and communicate with your baby. Can’t wait to put it into practice! Currently, I’m reading books about hypnobirthing, more about that below.

Pregnancy journal: the first trimester
We found out that I was pregnant after a girls trip to Berlin in November. Me and the girls traveled there for the Hertha game and it was already memorable as I managed to leave my suitcase at our front door in Leipzig, while only realising it once we arrived to Berlin. I don’t know if it was my usual clumsiness or the pregnancy hormones working already, but on top of this I was feeling incredible tired and even a little sick during the whole weekend. So I decided to make a pregnancy test on Monday.


I went to the city to get a test and made it straight away upon arriving home. Even though it was already in the afternoon, the positive sign appeared within seconds. I had to calm my shaking self down to be able to take a photo and send it to Pete. I was incredible happy, but at the same time worried already.

The reason for that was that two years before I unfortunately had a miscarriage and straight after a chemical pregnancy, so naturally I knew there’s still a long way to go after a positive test. I will write another post about what I discovered and what I changed in those two years leading up to here.

Before the first doctor’s appointment in Leipzig


We got a doctor’s appointment for the next day, where they checked the HCG. A few days later we did an ultrasound, where we could see the sac already, which was the normal thing for a 5 weeks pregnancy. I started using progesterone and Clexane shots to help the pregnancy as much as possible. We agreed with the doctor that we would come back in two and a half weeks to check the development once we were back from the national team break. However, we discussed with Pete that in the meantime we would go to a doctor in Budapest too, as it was such a critical time for the heartbeat to appear. Oh, how I wish we wouldn’t have done that.

So the next week, already in Hungary we visited a doctor. He knew my history with the previous losses, so I trusted him. He did the ultrasound, where he could still only see the sac, but we agreed that I come back in a week and hopefully we’ll see a heartbeat. The next day however, I started to have a brownish discharge, that already got me worried. The doctor told me to wait and see, it can mean lots of things. The day after that I started to bleed fresh blood, so we rushed in to his practice, already fearing that this is over. After checking the ultrasound, he told us that he’s sorry, the baby is gone, the sac collapsed. He also said not to worry, this was such a small pregnancy it will bleed out by itself, no need for an operation. (Thank God!)

We were completely devastated, I don’t wish that on anybody ever. I couldn’t believe that everything I have done was for nothing and we were at square zero again. The next few days I spent absolutely broken, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, just simply miserable. As the days passed by I pulled myself together with the help of Pete. We agreed that life goes on, eventually we will find a solution and have a baby.

Two weeks passed by, we were back in Leipzig, but I still haven’t started to bleed. The small bleeding I had stopped after a day and I just had a brownish discharge for a couple of days after, then nothing. At the same time I had nausea all the time, I was bloated and constantly tired. I was worried that I’m sick from the miscarriage not happening, while Pete joked that he thinks I’m still pregnant just the doctor at home saw it wrong…

Either way, my original appointment for my Leipzig doctor came. We explained to her what happened and she also didn’t understand why would that be happening again. But then came the unexpected SURPRISE when she checked the ultrasound: there was a healthy little embryo in there, with a perfect heartbeat and a perfect size for 8 weeks. This was like out of a movie, I was in a shock, I started crying helplessly, I couldn’t believe it’s true. At the same time, I was also incredibly worried immediately as during the previous two weeks, while I thought I wasn’t pregnant anymore, I stopped taking all the medications and the vitamins, I was doing sports, eating junk food, I was living my life fully not aware of this. But she calmed me that all this doesn’t matter with a healthy pregnancy.  Apparently, the bleeding could have been from many things that is completely normal, especially that I was taking anticoagulants injections.

The weeks after that I was very strict with myself, I spent it almost entirely lying in bed or on the sofa. I didn’t want to risk it again with anything. We went for ultrasounds week by week, always hoping and then seeing that the baby is still developing fine. Pete was taking care of everything in the house and around the animals, he was a true hero. My mum and mother-in-law also came to visit every time the team played away so I wouldn’t be alone. Meanwhile, Eszter, my colleague also performed outstandingly and took care of all the weddings.  I had morning sickness all the time, especially before breakfast and in the car, which was not so pleasant, but I still loved it in a way, as it assured me that the baby is ok.

At the RB Leipzig Christmas party, 11 weeks pregnant (my first outing in a long time)


Finally, we got to the 12 weeks mark just around Christmas, when we were back in Budapest for the winter break. The time for the big tests came, meaning the 12-week scan by an ultrasound specialist and the Prenatest. The latter is not mandatory, but I wanted to have it done, as it is the most certain and earliest way of testing for chromosomal abnormalities and also to know the gender of the baby, with a simple blood test done in 5 minutes. The results normally arrive within a week, but for us the waiting was longer due to the holidays. The doctor at the scan found everything ok, so this was a big relief already.

The ultrasound picture from the 12-week scan


The Prenatest results arrived on the 14th January. It was quite funny, as Pete kept calling them everyday about the results, so finally when they received it at Czeiczel, they were so kind and called us late in the evening, knowing how much we worried. We were in the middle of trying to make a healthy pizza (still room for improvement there), so at the end we celebrated with our self-made pizzas that everything is ok.

 Marking the 12th week in Budapest


The first 12 weeks were definitely a rollercoaster and I thought about it many times how much easier would it have been if I’m going to another doctor in Budapest, but at the end this is how it had to be and thankfully all is good, when the ending is good. Luckily, we forgot about this quickly and we are incredibly excited for the upcoming months and the arrival of our baby!

Our gender reveal
Gender reveal parties are another trend that originates from the US, but are more and more popular around the world. I’m sure many of you think it is a tiny bit over-the-top, but I was incredibly excited to learn and celebrate these special news with our nearest and dearest. Especially, given that we live in Leipzig we don’t have too many chances to be together with our family and friends, so it was the perfect occasion to make memories together.


I couldn’t wait to know the gender of our baby. However, I was sure that I wanted it to be a surprise and to do a small celebration around it. On our 12 weeks scan that we had in Budapest during the Christmas break, the doctor wasn’t so certain yet about the gender to actually write it down to a piece of paper and we asked him not to say his guess. During this time, we also did the Prenatest, but because of Christmas and New Year there was no chance the results would arrive before we were back to Leipzig. So we decided that we will have our gender reveal in February, the next time we will be in Budapest for the 20 weeks scan. I had my doubts how will I be patient enough to wait so long, but it went by quickly. Crazy enough, the Prenatest results took almost three weeks to arrive (that felt like forever) because of the holidays and as my first blood sample wasn’t adequate they had to test the other one too. When we finally received the results and luckily everything was ok, we made sure to keep the gender a secret: I had the file which was locked with a code, while Pete knew the code. My best friend, Dalma <3 was the one who received both and she not only did a great job with keeping it to herself, but also with organising this amazing event for us.

Dalma went out of her way to put everything together for the party, including the smallest details. She’s the sweetest friend anyone can ask for. It was such a memorable evening, the highlight obviously being when the blue confetti popped. Everyone kept asking what we are hoping for, but for us it really didn’t matter, we just want our baby to be healthy and happy. However, we had a strong feeling that it’s a boy (in the last few ultrasounds in Leipzig the doctors could already see the gender and warned us not to look if we don’t want to ruin our surprise, so we kind of guessed that it must be a boy), after this it would have been strange to have it otherwise. I pictured him already too many times as a mini Pete. 🙂

IT’S A BOY and we can’t wait to meet him in July! ❤

I’m sure he also enjoyed the party, as this was also the day when I first felt his little kicks.

Now of course, as an event planner I was full with ideas regarding the decoration and the vibe for the small party. I researched countless ways for the big reveal, but I still liked the „classic” balloon pop the most, enhanced with confetti cannons. Emese from Natural Wedding Decor put together the sweet decoration. I didn’t want to have something too big, as the party was in our living room with only a handful of guests, but a setting that just creates a nice atmosphere. Instead of the usual baby blue – baby pink colours we used a coral – greenish palette, symbolising the two genders. Besides the dessert and buffet table, the white wooden photo backdrop was the most prominent part. My good friend, Szandra from Egy csipet torta created a beautiful cake with it’s inside coloured in the appropriate tones. As I’m not eating sugar she also made a sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free (but still delicious) side cake and divine macarons and cake-pops for the dessert table. Too perfect to eat, but once you taste them, there’s no stopping!

Jánossy Noémi captured the moments on photo, while Szín Robi made this sweet video below for us.

So much love for our sweet family and friends for celebrating with us!

Nálunk járt a Fókusz stábja
Lipcsében látogatott meg minket a Fókusz, ahol egy kis betekintést engedtünk nekik a kinti életünkbe. Meséltünk rólunk, fociról, esküvőkről és persze az állatokról. Kukkantsatok bele. 🙂
My top 15 favourite everyday items
Every girl has their favourite everyday items, that they absolutely have to have with them all the time.  I receive many messages asking for the brands or links to particular items that I use, so I thought it’s the easiest to show you my must-haves in one list. It might help to give inspiration for potential Christmas presents! 🙂


1. Soma Water Bottle

People who are close to me know that I’m a bit weird (in many aspects) and I absolutely never drink from plastic bottles. Besides that I find them yucky, they are also amongst the number one things that pollute the Earth. Crazy to imagine, but every minute a million plastic bottles are bought. While you might tell yourself that it’s ok because you are going to recycle, unfortunately I have to break the news that in the case of plastic – unlike glass or metal – it’s not a solution, as it cannot be recycled infinitely, and after a few times it will end up in a landfill or in the ocean, where it will take centuries (around 450 years) to degrade. Resulting in the phenomenon that even our own bodies now contain plastic waste.. So if you haven’t already please please invest in a glass bottle, like this one! I always have it with me, filled with filtered tap water.

Get it here.

2. Too Faced Natural Eyeshadow Palette

I’m not the most talented person when it comes to make-up (maybe it’s the patience that is lacking or the artfulness), so I tend to stick to easy and natural looking ways when doing it for myself. This neutral eyeshadow palette is my absolute favourite, it’s great for achieving both day and night looks easily. It consists of 9 shades, including matte, satin and shimmer shadows. I owned the previous version of the palette, but this one is even better as it has been updated with an exclusive coconut butter-infused formula for more comfortable wear. I generally love to use Too Faced products, as unlike many beauty brands, they are cruelty-free.

Get it here.

3. Stow London Travel Set

Unfortunately, I have the tendency of loosing things quite often, which is a terrible habit. So I’m trying to come up with ways to make myself more organised in this side of life too. I invested in this travel set a few months ago and now it’s a regular with me everytime I’m flying. Usually I wear small bags where not everything fits, so this is a great addition where I can keep my passport, flight tickets (when they’re not on my phone), earplugs and other travel necessities. It comes with an USB stick, a powerbank and a travel adapter.

Get it here.

4. Adidas Hoodie

I enjoy to be dressed super chic and elegant, but on most days you will most likely find me wrapped up in a warm hoodie. To be more specific it’s almost 100% to be one of Pete’s Adidas hoodies, that I tend to „steal” from him. (Something he finds really annoying 😀 ) I like wearing his even more, as they are so comfy being oversized. Makes sense, right? I wish I could own every colour!

Get it here.

5. Catbird NYC Threadbare Ring

Even though I like it on others, I don’t really wear too much jewellery, besides the ones that I have on all the time. But when I saw this barely there ring, I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes less is more!

Get it here.

7.  Murad City Skin™ Overnight Detox Moisturizer

I discovered this brand last year in New York while being „lost” in a Sephora for a few hours. Since then I’ve been using many of their products regularly, including this overnight cream which promises to detoxify and revitalize your skin overnight. Although it’s a bit pricey, I stick to it as waking up my skin looks great. Thankfully, it’s also a cruelty-free brand!

Get it here.

8. HA Designs Phone Cover

I’m obsessed with personalisation, so HA Designs is one of my favourite webshops when it comes to chic accessories or thoughtful gifts. I own many items from them, but I would highlight the marble phone cases. Since having these I never had my phone broken and they are just effortlessly stylish.

Get it here.

9. Glass Meal Containers

You already know how much I’m against the overuse of plastic, so it’s no surprise that I also changed my meal containers to glass. They are not just more environment friendly, but also the food looks much tastier in them.

Get it here.

10. Fluffy Blanket

I just can’t sit on the sofa without a blanket, the two goes hand in hand for me. One of my favourite interior design shops is Maison du Monde, who also happen to sell the cosiest blankets. A must for the winter season!

Get it here.

11. Moroccainoil Glimmer Shine

This finishing spray infused with argain oil is one of my absolutely essential, cannot do without beauty products. It gives my hair a beautiful glow without making it look sticky. Moreover, it smells amazing, the mix of honey and the original Moroccainoil fragrance. Happy to know that it’s cruelty-free.

Get it here.

12. Fujifilm Instax Camera

I know they’ve been around forever, but I’ve just recently purchased mine. It’s really liberating in the world of perfectly edited photos to just capture the real moments. Can’t wait to take it with me to our next holiday!

Get it here.

13. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

As I’ve mentioned previously I’m no genius in terms of make-up. However, I love using this powder contour kit as it is super easy. The palette contains six sculpting and highlighting powders. It is the perfect product to contour and highlight! It’s not just cruelty-free but also vegan.

Get it here.

14. Le Specs Liar Lair Sunglasses

Not wanting to lie, I tried to embrace this year’s tiny sunglasses trend, but it wasn’t a success. 😀 So I sticked to classics, like these cat-eye shaped ones. As it states on Le Specs’ website, the shades were inspired by ’90s California. I love them!

Get them here.

15. Huda Beauty Liquid Matte

Last but not least my favourite lip colour, Sugar Mama from Huda Beauty. This is what I’m wearing 90% of the time, it’s such a perfect vibrant colour. It applies like a lipgloss then dries in a few moments. You just have to be careful that it doesn’t dry your lips too much. Huda Beauty doesn’t test on animals either and is cruelty-free except for their mink lashes. (Go for the faux mink!)

Get it here.


So these were my top 15 everyday items, hope you liked the list!




Under my umbrella
A few weeks ago I spotted this fun place in Leipzig, while strolling through Augustusplatz. Apparently it’s an ice cream shop that opened back in April and you can mix and match your own ice cream. Unfortunately they don’t offer sugar free options yet, so I couldn’t try it. Nevertheless it’s a great spot for taking colourful photos on one of Leipzig’s most iconic squares. 🙃


Photos: Anne Kraemer

Location: Mr. Borella

Dress: Asos

Clutch: Aldo

Shoes: Oscar Tiye



1 ruha, 10-féleképpen
Napjaink fontos problémája a fast fashion által termelt környezetszennyezés és pazarlás. Nem akarok persze álszent lenni, beismerem ennek én is – mint legtöbbünk – elkövetője vagyok. Mégis, ha már úgy alakult, hogy blogot írok és divatról is van szó, akkor szeretném azt olyan módon tenni, hogy ne csak a féktelen vásárlási kedvet gerjesszem, hanem – engem is motiválva – a fenntarthatóságot is szem előtt tartsam. Így stílusosan, az első divat cikkemben arra kaphattok ötleteket, hogyan lehet egy ruhát akár tízféle különböző módon is viselni.


Ezt a fehér, csillag mintás ruhát még évekkel ezelőtt vettem egy Zarás tavaszi leárazáson Salzburgban. Azóta sokszor és szívesen nyúltam hozzá, még olyan fontos alkalomkor is, mint a polgári házasságkötésünk. Igazi basic darab, ami hétköznapi és különleges eseményeken is hordható, ráadásul még kényelmes is. De hogyan tudjuk feldobni?

1. Öv, öv, öv

Egy szolid övvel már egészen más hatást kelt a ruha, ráadásul optikailag is vékonyítja a derakat. Az élénk piros színű szandállal és táskával jól harmonizál.

2. Bohém

Könnyedén hippis, fesztiválos ‘outfit’-et varázsolhatunk magunknak egy nyári kalappal és rojtos kiegészítőkkel.

3. All black

A fekete mindenkinek jól áll és mindenhez jól passzol. Kedvenc fekete blézeremmel és kiegészítőimmel kombinálva színházba vagy divatbemutatóra is tökéletes megjelenés.

4. Kényelmes

„Sportosan, mégis csajosan” lehetne ennek a variciónak a szlogenje. Imádok sportcipőben rohangálni a városban, ezért gyakran szívesen viselem a ruháimmal is.

5. Esti szett

Nem világmegváltó ötlet, de magassarkúval kombinálva minden ruha máshogy mutat. Velúr hatású, arany díszítésű cipőmmel és táskámmal igazi esti ‘outfit’.

6. Színek

Nem feltétlenül kell viszont magassarkút húznunk ahhoz, hogy elegáns legyen az összkép. Elég lehet hozzá egy csinos blézer is. Érdemes különböző színekkel is variálni, hogy még változatosabb legyen.

7. Hófehérke

Csakúgy, mint a fekete, a fehér is jolly joker szín, ha öltözködésről van szó. Egyedül esküvőre ne menjetek ilyen szettben – ott szigorúan tiltólistás a fehér minden vendégnek.

8. Lazán

Vannak olyan napok, amikor jól esik egy baseball sapka alá bújni. Ezt a Yankees sapkát még New York-ban kaptuk egy baseball meccsen, ezért szentimentális értéke is van.

9. Hűvös

Nemcsak a hidegebb időjárás ellen véd, de még jól is néz ki, hogyha egy sállal viseled a ruháidat.

10. Itt van az ősz

Nagyon szeretek szoknyákat, ruhákat hordani, ezért a hideg évszakok se szoktak ettől túlzottan eltántorítani. Harisnyával, csizmával is szuperül mutatnak.


Nyári örök darabok
A divat mindig változik, de szerencsére azért vannak trendek, amik nem csak egy szezon erejéig tartanak. Most, hogy beköszöntött az ősz, a nyári ruhák lassan a szekrény mélyére kerülnek. A lenti listában lévő darabokat azonban jövő nyáron is magabiztosan viselhetitek.


1. Virágmintás ruha

Most mondjátok, hogy nem…? 🙂 Egy ilyen vidám ruha minden nyáron bevethető, tökéletes alapdarab nyaralásra, fesztiválra vagy egy meleg nyári napon a városba is.

Ruha: PrettyLittleThing

2. Cold shoulder

A 80-as évek trendje, a vállaknál kivágott ruhák és blúzok, az idén is taroltak. Ez a modern és nőies megoldás biztosan jövőre is divatos marad.

Ruha: Bershka

3. Fodrok

A nagy fodros ruhák már egy ideje hatalmas népszerűségnek örvendenek, ami nem is meglepő, tekintve, hogy látványos, de mégis kényelmes viselet. A lenti darabot különösen szeretem, a csíkos mintáival és nagy zsebeivel. Saruval és sport cipővel is bátran hordhatjátok.

Ruha: New Look

4. Playsuits

A rövid overáll megunhatatlan nyáron, igazi „must-have” – egyszerre laza és elegáns. Könnyedén variálhatod különböző eseményekre, akár magassarkúval is hordhatjátok.

Playsuit: Mohito

5. Crop tops

Magas derekú szoknyákkal és nadrágokkal is jól passzol, de viselhetitek blézerrel vagy rövid nadrággal is. Arra érdemes figyelni, hogy túl sokat ne villantsunk a hasunkból, nehogy közönséges legyen.

Crop top: Zara, Szoknya: TANCZOS


Fényképek: Ildikó Nagy Photography

Hajóval az Adrián
Tavaly nyáron az esküvőnk után szerettünk volna egy különleges nászútat, egy olyan kalandot, amiben még nem volt részünk. Mivel az elfoglaltságaink miatt csak az utolsó pillanatban tudtuk meg pontosan, hogy mikor tudunk utazni, nagyjából egy napunk volt eldönteni, hogy hova menjünk. Mindketten úgy éreztük izgalmas lenne felfedezni hajóval Dalmácia legszebb szigeteit, ezért nem haboztunk, bele is vetettük magunkat a szervezésbe. Az ott eltöltött élményeink alapján szeretnék veletek tippeket megosztani.


Miután megszületett a döntés az úticélról, turbó sebességgel elkezdtünk hajókat keresni és szerencsére pár órán belül sikerült is lefoglalnunk. Azt ajánlom, hogy aki ilyen nyaralást tervez, foglalja le a hajót minél hamarabb, mert nálunk azért fennakadást okozott a rövid határidő. Mindenesetre, egy nappal később már úton voltunk Splitbe, ahonnan indult az egy hetes hajó túránk.

Útitervünk térképen

1. nap – Šolta

A helyről röviden: Egy aprócska kis sziget Split-től 15 kilométerre, ahol mindössze 1500 fő lakik.
Érdemes ellátogatni, mert: Elragadó, csendes hely, amit még nem vettek birtokba a turisták.
Program tipp: Megnézni a gyönyörű naplementét.
Itt egyél: Restoran Pasarela



2. nap – Palmizana öböl és Hvar

Palmazina öböl

A helyről röviden: A Pakleni szigetek leghíresebb része, gyönyörű és nagyon népszerű a fiatalok körében.
Érdemes ellátogatni, mert: Buli hangulat, éjjel-nappal.
Ne hagyd ki: Nappali lazítás a a Laganini Lounge bar-ban .
Itt egyél:  ZoriRestoran Antionio Patak


A helyről röviden: A legnépszerűbb és legfelkapottabb város a környéken, de mostanában főleg party városként ismert.
Érdemes ellátogatni, mert: Pezsgő, nyüzsgő hangulata van, a helyi „Ibiza”.
Program tipp: Felmászni a Spanjola várba a gyönyörű kilátásért.
Itt egyél: Dalmatino

3. nap – Komiza

A helyről röviden: Horvátország szárazföldi részétől legmesszebb eső, nyílt tengeren található Vis szigetének nyugati oldalán lévő város.
Érdemes ellátogatni, mert: A táj itt szinte érintetlen, igazi dalmát hangulat uralkodik.
Program tipp: Káprázatos homokos partok vannak a közelben.
Itt egyél: Roki’s

4. nap – Bisevo és Vis

Bisevo, Kék Barlang

A helyről röviden: A híres Kék Barlang  egy része a vízfelszín felett van és ha besüt a déli nap, a barlang falai kékre színeződnek.
Érdemes ellátogatni, mert: Különleges természeti látvány.
Program tipp: Érdemes korán reggel érkezni, hogy a nagy sorbanállást elkerülve az első turnusba bekerüljetek.
Itt egyél: Konoba Tomic


A helyről röviden: Hangulatos, öbölparti városka Vis sziget partján.
Érdemes ellátogatni, mert: Kevés turista, háborítatlan táj.
Program tipp: „Vis Hwaii-a”, Vis-től 6-kmre a Stoncica-öbölben egy gyönyörű. homokos part.
Itt egyél:  Villa Kaliop

5. nap – Stari Grad

A helyről röviden: Európa egyik legrégebbi városa,  i. e. 385-től már írásos feljegyzések vannak róla.
Érdemes ellátogatni, mert: Igazi kis mediterrán csoda a szűk sikátorokkal, hangulatos házikóival.
Program tipp: Barangolás az óvárosban.
Itt egyél: Nauta Restaurant

6. nap – Brac, Lučice Bay

A helyről röviden:  Európa egyik legrégebbi városa,  i. e. 385-től már írásos feljegyzések vannak róla.
Érdemes ellátogatni, mert: Kristálytiszta, türkíz színű itt a tenger.
Program tipp: Úszás, úszás, úszás.
Itt egyél: Restoran Lučice BayKonoba Kopačina

7. nap – Split

A helyről röviden: Horvátország második legnagyobb városa, közép-Dalmácia szíve.
Érdemes ellátogatni, mert: Könnyen elérhető autóval, rengeteg látnivaló, homokos tengerpartok, finom éttermek.
Program tipp: Diocletianus palotája, nemcsak Trónok harca rajongóknak kötelező. A fehér márványból készült, római kori palota Diocletianus császár visszavonulása után épült és Split egyik leghíresebb látványossága.
Itt egyél: Dvor

P.s. Ne felejtsétek a pillanatokat nemcsak megélni, hanem megörökíteni is. 😀

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