My pregnancy must-haves

2019 március 31. szerda
Pregnancy is such an incredibly special time. As a first time mum-to-be I had countless questions regarding a variety of topics, including what things are worth getting for this time. So I researched as much I could online, asked my friends about their experiences and my doctors about their recommendations. Based on this I put together my own list.


1. Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins

Eating a healthy diet is so important, especially during pregnancy. However, even with the healthiest diets it’s quite a challenge to get in all the needed nutrition, so it’s a good idea to take vitamins. Below you can find the list of the vitamins and minerals I’m taking. Although please always consult your doctor before starting them.

2. Pregnant safety bell for the car

Safety first! Even when my bump was barely visible, I only felt safe in the car with my BeSafe safety belt. Pregnant iZi FIX protects both the mum and the baby in the event of an accident and is recommended from the second month of pregnancy. The belt does not interfere with the safety performance of the car belt, but it helps to position it in a way that keeps the baby safe.

Get it here.

3. Creams and oils against stretch marks

I’ve been using two different brands alternately – Pai and Mama Mio -, both for the cream and the oil. So far, so good, but the bump is still very much growing, so I can only hope it stays that way. Many people are saying that stretch marks have more to do with genetics and skin type anyway, but making sure you’re skin is nourished can’t hurt! I use the creams in the morning and the oils at night before going to bed. (Actually, the latter is Pete’s job, but he takes it very seriously) 🙂

Get them here and here.

4. Belly support belt

The one thing I’m not leaving the house without! The Anita baby belt is a dream, I can only recommend it. It’s not only a great tool to prevent back pain from the increasing weight of the belly, but also eases pressure on your cervix. In the second trimester my doctor was worried about my cervix length being on the lower side of the limit, so wearing this when on my feet was one of the ways I tried to prevent it getting worse. I always have it on when I’m walking the dogs or when I’m on the way.

5. Pregnancy body pillow

To be completely honest in the last couple of weeks I stopped using my body pillow, as now my bump is so big that I feel like we need every free inch in the bed and this one takes up a lot of space. However, before that I slept with it regularly, as I read so many advantages of it. Sleeping on your left-side is recommended when pregnant and this pillow helps to support your belly in this position, as well as your back, hips and legs.

Get it here.

6. Book(s) about pregnancy and babies

Of course these days we can find every possible information on the internet, but that can’t be compared to actually diving into a book. In the What to Expect When You’re Expecting Book I found answers for basically all my questions regarding pregnancy and it’s also great for learning about the weekly development of the baby. Bringing Up Bébé was for me more about entertainment, than actual useful information, but that’s all right. What I found extremely useful is the Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer book which gives guidance on how to calm, connect and communicate with your baby. Can’t wait to put it into practice! Currently, I’m reading books about hypnobirthing, more about that below.

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